Truck accessories you can count on

Truck accessories are not something you want to skimp on. I work as a truck mechanic, and while the accessories may not seem as important as your wheels, trailer or cab, believe me when I say they’re holding your truck together. I always send people to Topline Industries. Their range of stuff is the best […]

Affordable Herbal Products

Healthy living is damned expensive from almond milk to vitamins and supplements, even before you get into organic, local and fair trade. Some companies get that the best way to help people keep healthy is to make it affordable and easy. I love PPC Herbs because they deliver, quickly and they’re really affordable. The range […]

Quick Flat Pack Kitchens Melbourne

Remodelling a house is always a bigger job than you think it is. I’ve done it on three of our homes now and we know that but it still always surprises us. I love flat pack kitchens because everything’s custom and cut to measure but most of the hard work has been done. Universal Timbers […]

Reliable Forklifts for Sale

Forget what the salesman or the guys in the warehouse tell you, the one thing you need from a forklift is reliability. Provided your buying something with an adequate capacity for the job that’s relatively new and compliant with safety standards, you just need something that’s going to keep on going for many years to […]

Excellent Facial Melbourne

I don’t always love getting facials because my skin is sensitive and for too many beauty therapists it’s a job and not a profession. Masque is different because they really seem to know what they are doing. Even without going into detail about my skin they seemed really intuitive at reading the signs and knowing […]


A Real Hoist

A real hoist has no problem with even the largest vehicles. I still remember the old hoist my dad had in his s...

A Perfect River Cruise Melbourne

We love the river. I used to take the kids for BBQs by the Yarra after the football and all the way up to Warburton to swim. This year for my sons 18th birthday we organised a private river cruise Melbourne with Dreamscape Tours for him and his friends. It was a real stroke of […]

The best kitchen showrooms Richmond has to offer

Building your first home is an exciting time. Stressful, yes, but to finally have a place to call your own is worth all the trouble. We’ve just organised the bathroom and now we’re onto the kitchen. My wife and I looking for something really modern, so we figured the best place to get some ideas […]

Plus size wedding dresses galore

My daughter is getting married next month and I think we’ve now finally organised everything. The hardest part was the wedding dress. The last year has been rough for her, and due to a health issue she put on a bit more weight than normal over the last 6 months. Nothing major, but enough that […]

Pregnancy massage at Masque – what a treat!

I’m 6 months pregnant with my second child, and unfortunately this pregnancy is a lot more difficult than the first. Nothing too major, but just a lot of discomfort and awful morning sickness. A girlfriend of mine suffered the same discomfort when she was having her first child, and she recommended I organise a pregnancy […]

Wedding Videography from C2 Video

I’ve started going to a lot of weddings. I think you can’t help think about your own wedding when that happens, even if one is definitely not on the cards for some time. The good thing about taking your time with matters of the heart is you really get to see what is out there […]

Pool fencing at Haven Fencing – it’s that easy

Good news – our pool is finally finished! The water went in today and now all we’ve got to do is finalise the pool fencing to go around it. For that, I knew exactly where to go. Haven Fencing installed the fence in our front yard last year, and so I was confident that they’d […]

The best removalists Gold Coast has seen

Hate moving? Me too. I’ve only had to do it twice in the last decade, but we’ve got a big family and a lot of stuff, and there’s nothing I hate more than packing our things up into boxes, hiring a truck, squeezing everything in there and then hauling it to your new home. So […]