Only the best Mernda display homes will do

Deciding to buy our first home was an exciting day for my wife and I. After concluding that renting was no longer for us, we weighed up our options and decided that a house and land package was the best option for us. In particular, we loved the Doreen area and Katandra Rise was the […]

A driving school is the way to start for learners

As soon as I got my learners permit I was ready to start driving. I needed to get my hours as quickly as possible so I’d be ready to sit my driving test as soon as I turned 18. Unfortunately for me, it was clear that after a few lessons with mum we were simply […]

If you want to play golf in China, speak to China Golf Experience

I run a boutique, but successful, accounting firm and after having one of our most profitable years to date, I thought it was about time I rewarded my staff. Given some of us already spent some of our Sunday’s playing golf, I got the idea to take them on a holiday centred on it. I’d […]

The best bond assistance QLD wide is easier than you think

When I realised I was coming up short to pay my new bond it was pretty embarrassing. I was unaware my old bond wouldn’t be released in time, and the little money I had saved wasn’t enough to cover the bond. I didn’t want to bother my parents, so I sought the best bond assistance […]

Your home will be happier with hydronic floor heating

Growing up in tropical Northern Queensland was definitely my idea of the perfect childhood. The beach, the rainforests, the overall relaxed nature and of course – the weather. It’s no secret to my friends that I crave summer and wilt in winter and a large part of that is due to where I grew up. […]

The best chauffeur Melbourne has to offer

Like a lot of Melbourne, I am a regularly attendee of the Spring Racing Carnival. The first time I went I was 17 and caught the train in with a group of my girlfriends and ever since, I’ve been hooked. Since my first racing carnival a few things have changed – what race I attend, […]

A draftsperson can help with the success of your business

I’d never really been sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that my current job wasn’t it. My friends suggested I look to what I love doing and see if it could be a job, and in my case, it could. I’ve always had a really good eye for design […]

Restaurant POS systems are crucial to smooth operations and restaurant success

I’ve worked in hospitality my entire working life and it’s surprising how quickly you can tell a good restaurant to work in from a bad. Like most workplaces, the people you work alongside can easily impact your enjoyment of work – and so can the people you work under. Surprisingly, the restaurant POS systems in […]

The best hair removal Melbourne has to offer

  Summer has always been a very daunting time of the year for me. The thought of a bikini would send shivers down my spine – all of that skin exposed for anyone to see, or in my case, unwanted hair. My stomach and arms have been a major concern for me for as long […]

The best rugs Adelaide has to offer

  As a stay at home mum, it’s fair to say my days can get pretty busy, however when I do get some downtime, there’s nothing I like more than maintaining our home. I’d like to think that I’ve got an eye for detail and that styling a room is something that comes naturally to […]

Truck accessories you can count on

Truck accessories are not something you want to skimp on. I work as a truck mechanic, and while the accessories may not seem as important as your wheels, trailer or cab, believe me when I say they’re holding your truck together. I always send people to Topline Industries. Their range of stuff is the best […]

Affordable Herbal Products

Healthy living is damned expensive from almond milk to vitamins and supplements, even before you get into organic, local and fair trade. Some companies get that the best way to help people keep healthy is to make it affordable and easy. I love PPC Herbs because they deliver, quickly and they’re really affordable. The range […]

Quick Flat Pack Kitchens Melbourne

Remodelling a house is always a bigger job than you think it is. I’ve done it on three of our homes now and we know that but it still always surprises us. I love flat pack kitchens because everything’s custom and cut to measure but most of the hard work has been done. Universal Timbers […]

Reliable Forklifts for Sale

Forget what the salesman or the guys in the warehouse tell you, the one thing you need from a forklift is reliability. Provided your buying something with an adequate capacity for the job that’s relatively new and compliant with safety standards, you just need something that’s going to keep on going for many years to […]